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Our Services Include:


Woodworking // Bench, Barn Door, Fence, Wood/Reclaimed Wood Walls

Fence Repair & Install Cabinet Install // Closets/Kitchens

Shed, Cabinet & Furniture Assembly // Including IKEA

Door Repair & Install// Including Barn Doors and Hardware

Drywall Repair & Replacement // Flooring Installation, Light Welding & Metal Work 

Dog House & Cat Sanctuary Fabrication

Install RV/Trailer/Boat Repairs & Cabinet Install // Hang Flat Screen TV, Mirror, Shelving, Painting etc. Grab Bar, Blinds, Curtain Rods, Mailbox, etc

Changing Light Fixtures

Excellent Craftmanship
 Satisfaction Guaranteed
Reasonable Prices

Handyman Services

Skilled carpentry, furniture assembly,

general repairs & home improvements

L.A. House Fix is the creation of Andras Devenyi who trained professionally in Europe in the crafts of carpentry, fine woodworking and metal fabrication.  When he relocated to Los Angeles, he noticed a lack of professional craftsmen to do the many home repair and remodeling jobs that are too big or complex for a handyman but not big enough to require a specialty contractor.

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