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About Us

Personalized Approach

Andras " Andrew " Devenyi is the driving force behind L.A. House Fix who brings the skills and experience needed to cover a wide range of home construction, renovation and repair projects.  



Andras has a wide variety of skills he acquired in his early years in Europe (Hungary) with extensive schooling and experiences from carpentry to cabinet making, furniture repairs, electrical repairs and installation, masonry, metal work and welding, pipe fitting and plumbing fixture installation

Andras started out in his early 20's working as a car mechanic for 3 years, followed by numerous years of schooling and experience in the carpentry & furniture making business,  building and installing doors and windows &  furniture.


Simultaneously while working as a freelance carpenter, he joined a company building and  installing porch enclosures &  sun rooms, where he received extensive training and skills in basic welding and metal  working.

Experience and Professionalism

Following his 4 years in metal working,  Andras moved on to learn about industrial pipe fitting & plumbing installation for Budapest City Planning.  


From here Andras moved on to work in Barcelona, where he was part of a crew of skilled European craftsman designing, , building & installing booths and stages for concerts and exhibitions.


The following 3 years, before moving to the United states, Andras was working for numerous wood working facilities, one that was particularly detail oriented and required special skills: building/ fixing remote controlled toy RC planes.


Andras has a small crew of other skilled European craftsman to tackle bigger jobs that require more than just him and his knowledge. 

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